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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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^RTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.               227

**    flutes, and  oftener  sing and  swear.

^    civil people and inoffensive,  except

"^onbled with a headache. This place
been very moderate, and no blood
here, notwithstanding the endeavours
Lster David.

sa.y   the Tesica1 will   go in  her turn.

Spain and Austria support her, but
^ Scarlet Lady drops, it will be a bad
e Jajauarius.

Au Colombier, July zqth, 1797.

from the house of M. Cumpel-
's partner, with a name as soft
-txose in Duten's story,2 where I came
> meet Mademoiselle Perregaux and a
ends. It is near Arpajcmj an antique
mcied with moats, charmilles and gar-
little river Remarde runs by the edge
en, under shady bowers, very rural and
eiamatic. I crossed the country from

Tlie Scarlet Lady, Rome.

cistn. gentleman complained to him of the harsh-
Italian names, and said German ones were
ounce, such as Schwartzenburg, &c.